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Subject/Discipline: TRAVEL

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    The 17th International Travel Expo Hong Kong. Official exhibition directory, Sep 25-28 2003 = 第十七屆香港國際旅遊展. 展覽會會刊, 2003年9月25-28日. 2003. MICE T394 .I83 2003.  
  Business traveller.  
    CNN traveller Asia Pacific. [2006]- MN.ct.4.  
    CNN traveller. MN.ct.3.  
    The community tourism guide : exciting holidays for responsible travellers / Mark Mann for Tourism Concern. 2000. GV186 .M36 2000.  
    Discovering destinations : a geography workbook for travel and tourism / David W. Howell, CTC ; updated by Jan van Harssel and Marcena Hansen-Hoyt. 1999. G155.A1 H677 1999.  
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Travel advisory system
    Investigating the use and effectiveness of travel advisory system: a case of Hong Kong's outbound travel alert system / WONG Pui Yan Ophelia. 2017 LG51 .H577M SHTM 2017 Wong.  
Travel agents
  Improving service quality by CRM in the service industry : a case study of STA / by Hao Wu. 2003. LG51 .H577M HTM 2003 WuH.  
  Managing knowledge in the information age : knowledge sharing in travel agencies / by Yiu Mei Kuen, Maria. 2012 LG51 .H577P SHTM 2012 Yiu.  
    The travel agent : dealer in dreams / Aryear Gregory. 1993. G154 .G74 1993.  
Travel agents Asia
    Interorganizational relationship with the hotel industry : the perspective of online travel agencies in Asia Pacific / HUANG Yin Cherry. 2015 LG51 .H577D SHTM 2015 Huang.  
Travel agents Asia Directories
    TTG Asia yearbook. ????  
Travel agents Cambodia
    Apsara Tours Cambodia. [1997?]. CPF-Cambodia.  
Travel agents China
  Main factors affecting the survival and development of China's small and medium-sized travel agents : coastal cities and provinces / Chen Yan Zhao. 2003. LG51 .H577M HTM 2003 Chen.  
  中国旅行社发展现状与发展对策研究 / 中国旅行社发展现状与发展对策研究课题组. =[Zhong guo lu hang she fa zhan xian zhuang yu fa zhan dui ce yan jiu / Zhong guo lu hang she fa zhan xian zhuang yu fa zhan dui ce yan jiu ke ti zu ]. 2002. G154 .Z466 2002.  
  中国旅行社发展现状与发展对策研究 / 中国旅行社发展现状与发展对策研究课题组. 2002. IAST.zg.2.  
    旅游企业跨国经营战略研究 / 杜江著. 2001.  
    旅游企业跨国经营战略研究 = [Lu you qi ye kua guo jing ying zhan lue yan jiu] / 杜江著. 2001. G155.7 .D85 2001.  
    海峽兩岸旅游企業名人大典 / [[主编钟幼兰 ... [et al.]]. 1994. GID G155.C5 H34 1994.  
Travel agents China Accounting
    从机票代理到专业差旅管理公司: -论中国票务旅行社的角色转換/ 赵建民. 2003/2004. LG51 .H577M HTM 2004 Zhao.  
Travel agents China Hong Kong
    The development and positioning of small- and medium-sized retail travel agencies in Hong Kong / SUN Edic Yuk Shing. 2014 LG51 .H577D SHTM 2014 Sun.  
    The moderating effect of environmental scanning on the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance : a study with Hong Kong travel agencies / CHIANG Hok Lai. 2013 LG51 .H577D SHTM 2013 Chiang.  
    A study on crisis management in the travel agency sector in Hong Kong / CHAN Tin Yan Josiah. 2014 LG51 .H577D SHTM 2014 ChanT.  
Travel agents China Hong Kong Employees Supply and demand Statistics
  Manpower survey report. Tourism industry / by the Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Board of the Vocational Training Council. 1987-  

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